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There is a lot of activity around Hayle at the moment and not much attention is being given to long-used footpaths. Unfortunately, if a footpath does not appear on Cornwall Council's Definitive Map, it is not considered legitimate.

However, it is possible to register footpaths and have them added to the Definitive Map. This is a somewhat laborious process as users have to fill in a four-page form detailing when and how they have used the footpath. There has to be evidence of use for 20 years without any restriction by the land owner.

At present, there is work being done on the land to the north of the Octel building and to the south of the Cricket Club.

I would like to attempt to register some much-used footpaths in this area and I need your help.

This maps shows the existing official footpaths in red and the proposed new footpaths, A, B and C. Click here to download a larger pdf version.
  Sign at the entrance to the Electric Works Road. Used as a footpath since the power station was built in 1910. (Footpath C)  
  New fence on Footpath A from Clifton Terrace  
  New sign on Footpath A from Calciner Hill to Clifton Terrace.  
None of these signs or fences mean anything if you have used a footpath for many years without restriction or specific permission from the land owner. But we do have to register them as footpaths or they will be lost forever. Please fill in the forms and get as many of your friends to do so as well.

If you have used any or all of these footpaths, please complete a User Form. Unfortunately, you have to complete a User Form for each footpath. However, I have pre-filled some of the data required.

Click these links to download a complete package or individual User Forms for each footpath:


Complete Package with instructions, map and User Forms for all three footpaths:  

Complete Package (3.75MB)

Individual Documents:  

Instructions (408kB)


Map (3.3MB)


User Form Footpath A (600kB)


User Form Footpath B (600kB)


User Form Footpath C (600kB)

Please return the form to:

John Bennett
18 Riviere Towans
Hayle, TR27 5AF


For help, call 07876152915.

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