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Hayle Harbour Outline Planning Application

April 2008

Planning Reference: HAYLE 08-0613-P*

There are also Listed Building Applications for a number of structures on the harbour.  Click below to read these.

Listed Building Applications


Responses from Statutory Consultees and Other Parties

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Letters from Residents and Local Organisations

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Latest News
30 June 2010. The Section 106 agreements have been completed and the Decision Notices issued. You can download them below:

Outline planning application 08-0613:

Phase I Infrastructure DPA:

Plans and charts to accompany S106:

Check list of key S106 issues
Building Heights
22 September 2009. ING's consultants, Buro Happold, have issued a revised 'Travel Plan' related to the Hayle Harbour Development which has, I understand, already been approved by County Highways.  If you are in a hurry go to page 18 for a summary.  You will note that there are no revised congension figures and the preamble makes the case that the good outweighs the bad.  Decide for yourself by clicking here.

24 March 2009. The Outline Planning Application was passed 13 to 2 with an amendment to allow Hayle Town Council members a continued seat at 'appropriate meetings'.  The Full application for Phase I passed unopposed.

The statement by Hayle Ward members, read at the beginning of deliberations, may be read here.

24 March 2009. The papers given to councillors for the planning meeting may be read by clicking on them below:

04 March 2009 Following my discussions with the owner of the swing bridge, BRB Residuary Ltd, Mr. Clarke has sent me a copy of the 2001 bridge assessment completed by Cornwall County Council.  It is 444 pages and 16Mb but, if you are keen on engineering, read it here.

The Buro Happold document on the bridge is available here (4.2Mb).


26 February 2009 The Cornishman published a front page article by Phil Goodwin entitled "Fears harbour plan could threaten heritage status" and I was quoted in this:

Deputy mayor of Hayle and district councillor John Bennett said the planning committee had to understand the implication of awarding planning permission. "A lot of effort was made to get Cornwall onto the list so we have to decide whether that should disappear because somebody wants to build thousands of houses," said Cllr Bennett. "There may be circumstances where we could give it up but councillors need to know that if they vote in favour the listing is in danger."

I did not initiate the call with Phil and consequently my comments were off-the-cuff and entirely my own.  I certainly did not purport to represent anyone else's views or those of either council. What I tried to convey was that I wanted the planning committee to have all material facts in front of them before making such a momentous decision. 

At a meeting of Hayle Town Council on the evening of Thursday 26th of February the article was referenced by a member of the public and I stated that I had been misrepresented.  Actually, although I disagreed with Phil about a few words (both inserted and omitted), on re-reading the piece I think it is pretty fair and I have given my apologies to Phil (who could not respond during the formal meeting of the council).

I have heard comments about the role of 'unelected bodies' getting involved in Hayle.  In the case of ICOMOS, however, this is unfair or irrelevant since it is Hayle and Cornwall that asked them to consider us for inscription.  ICOMOS has a very small staff and does not routinely monitor World Heritage Sites in their jurisdiction.  They rely on issues being raised and, if serious, they will act.  In the case of Hayle harbour everyone seems to have assumed that they were informed - but they were not.  Any view ICOMOS might have should inform the planning committee, not constrain them as some statutory consultees might.

15 January 2009 Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting, 13 January 2009

(Not yet formally adopted)

13 January 2009 My presentation to the Planning Committee
07 January 2009 Penwith District Council briefing papers for the Planning Committee.  Click below for a copy.

Papers for meeting on 13 January 2009 (low resolution, 832k)

Papers for meeting on 13 January 2009 (high resolution, 2.2M)

16 December 2008, ING Press Release.  Click below for a full copy of the release
The expected timetable is now: 2009  

Planning Sites Meeting     

Hayle Public Meeting         

Hayle Town Council          

Planning Committee         

5 January

6 January

8 January

13 January

PDC councillors to meet on site     

At Hayle Community School

Public participation welcomed     

Decision to be made

Issues Raised

Some points raised:

  • It's time for something to be done
  • There should not be development on green-field sites
  • The buildings are high

Make your 'official' comments to Penwith District Council by clicking here.

Listen to Denis Nightingale conduct an 'exit poll' of visitors to the ING Exhibition.

Aired on the James Churchfield show on Radio Cornwall on Friday, 16 May 2008.

Click here for a 2Mb audio file.

Harbour Project Downloads
Copyright Notice
Plans, drawing and material submitted to the Council are protected by the Copyright Acts (Section 47, 1988 Act). You may only use material which is downloaded and/or printed for consultation purposes, to compare current applications with previous schemes and to check whether developments have been completed in accordance with approved plans. Further copies must not be made without the prior permission of the copyright owner.
Cover Letters
There are two cover letters: one relating to the outline planning application and the other relating to the listed building application.  The former contains details of the phasing of the project and some of that is extracted below:

The original phasing for the redevelopment of Hayle Harbour was largely determined by ING’s desire to create a “destination” at the earliest opportunity. Certain key elements of the proposal relating to the refurbishment and further development of the Harbour would need to be undertaken in the initial phase in order to establish the context but, thereafter, phasing was driven by commercial considerations. In particular, there had been an objective to make a start in each separate geographical area of the proposal; to get some development underway on all three Quays and on both Hilltop and Riviere Fields.

However, it has long been apparent that an effective regeneration of Hayle Harbour, meeting all of the various public agency aspirations, could not be achieved by ING on a purely commercial basis. All parties have therefore been aware of the need to secure a funding partnership with the public sector. Throughout the process of developing the proposals for Hayle Harbour over the last five years, parallel discussions have been proceeding with various public agencies: in particular with the SWRDA and more latterly with the CPR Regeneration. These agencies are expected to make a significant funding contribution to the regeneration process.
Not surprisingly, much of SWRDA’s concern has revolved around two key parameters:

  • Firstly, the need to establish SWRDA’s ground-breaking renewable energy initiative, Wave Hub and, in conjunction with this, to secure many of the consequential anticipated economic benefits for Hayle; and
  • Secondly, and more broadly, the need to make a significant contribution to the economic development of West Cornwall.

ING have been happy to reflect public agency priorities within their proposals. These priorities find expression within an adjustment of ING’s approach to phasing. Primarily, the change is to place more initial emphasis upon the provision of infrastructure to support Wave Hub in its broadest economic sense. This has meant that initial emphasis has been shifted to focus on North Quay rather than the broader geographical distribution envisaged by ING.
ING have always envisaged an initial first phase covering an approximate three-year period. This will not change, but the content of that phase will now reflect the priorities outlined above.

A revised Phase 1 can therefore be summarised as follows:

A. Within the Harbour:

  1. Repair and refurbishment of the East and North Quay Harbour Walls;
  2. Creation of the new Fishing and Commercial Harbour, together with the necessary access and slipway facilities to support the operation of Wave Hub and the fishing fleet;
  3. Dredging of the Harbour area to facilitate the ability to provide the new Harbour, together with the basis for establishing the proposed marina subsequently; and
  4. Reinstatement of the historic sluicing regime to support operations within the harbour.

B. Infrastructure to Support Wave Hub

  1. Construction of the new bridge onto North Quay;
  2. Construction of the new spine access road along North Quay and beyond, providing access to both Wave Hub itself and the new harbour and associated facilities;
  3. Consequent flood defences (including the new North Quay promenade, an essential component of the key “link to the Beach”) and physical uplift of land on North Quay to ensure Environment Agency standards are met;
  4. Creation of the basis to develop a “Wave Hub” Industrial and business park on land adjoining the New Harbour; and
  5. Provision of a Hilltop car park to serve in part the Wave Hub business park, to provide winter boat storage for the marina and to provide broader parking for the regeneration proposals.

C. Commencing the Development Process

  1. Closely allied to the two categories above will be the provision of a fishermen’s support building, a new Harbour Office and yard space to serve both Wave Hub and the fishing fleet;
  2. Provision of roads and services to Hilltop and to commence the process of developing Riviere Fields; and
  3. Elements of residential (and supporting commercial) development on North Quay, Hilltop and Riviere Fields.

Thereafter, phasing may well have to be adjusted to reflect changing market circumstances, but the broad approach is as follows:

Phase 2 will see a completion of infrastructure provision to serve Riviere Fields, further residential development on North Quay and Hilltop, the initial establishment of the marina together with provision of a sailing and watersports facility and the commencement of development of the Wave Hub business park under the auspices of SWRDA.

Phase 3 is likely to see the completion of residential development on the northern side of the Harbour, together with completion of the Wave Hub business park.

Phase 4 will see work and emphasis shift from North to South, with the development of South and East Quays, along with associated works and infrastructure provision.

It can therefore be seen that the main consequence of the delivery emphasis sought by the public agencies is to defer to later in the proposals the development of the land closest to Hayle Town Centre, including South Quay. It should be noted that if market circumstances change, ING will review this phasing approach, particularly in relation to South Quay.

Outline Planning Application Cover Letter - download (64k)
Listed Building Application Cover Letter - download (48k)

Illustrative Masterplan

Building Heights (Storeys)
List of Documents Included in the Outline Planning Application Package:
  • PDC Application for Planning Permission, 13pp.
  • Summary of the Outline Planning Application, 10pp.
  • Planning Statement, 34pp.
  • List of Drawings, 1pp.
  • Outline Planning Application Boundary, 1:2500, DWG: 2478.LE.001 (A0)
  • Illustrative Masterplan, 1:1250, DWG: 2478.LE.002 (A0)
  • Illustrative Masterplan, 1:2500, DWG: 2478.LE.003 (A1)
  • Summary of the Outline Planning Application
  • Hayle Marina Study, 51pp.
  • Hayle Marina Study, Supplementary Research, 30pp.
  • Retail Impact Assessment-Final Report July 2007, Roger Tym & Partners
  • Building, Structures & Archaeological Remains: An Inventory, 113pp
  • Sustainability Statement, 32pp.
  • Statement of Community Involvement, 85pp.
  • Proposed Junction Churchtown Road, DWG: 00-TSK001, 1:250 (A3)
  • Proposed Junction North Quay Access, DWG: 00-TSK002, 1:500 (A3)
  • Proposed Junction Carnsew Road, DWG: 00-TSK003, 1:500 (A3)
  • Proposed A30 Loggan’s Moor Roundabout Junction Improvements, DWG: 00-TSK004, 1:500 (A3)
  • Design and Access Statement (A3), 51pp.
  • Development Framework and Design Codes (A3), 137pp.
  • Environmental Statement, Volume 1 Main Report
  • Environmental Statement, Volume 2 Technical Annexes 1-12
  • Environmental Statement, Volume 3 Technical Annexe 13
  • Environmental Statement, Volume 4 Technical Annexes 14-16
Click here for a complete table of contents of the Environmental Statements.

What should you read?

Start with:

  • Cover letters
  • Executive Summary of the application - to get an overview of the project
  • Illustrative Masterplan, Scale 1:1250  - for a map of the development
  • Outline Planning Application - PDC Form - skim to get an idea of the size of the elements
  • Design and Access Statement - to get more detail of the ideas behind the plan

For more detail:

  • Planning Statement - a mostly textual description of the legal planning context of the development
  • Design and Access Statement - for more detail on the design

For specifics:

  • Development Framework & Design Codes - to see what to expect from detailed planning applications
  • Sustainability Statement - if you are interested in how this will fare in an expensive energy, low-carbon future
  • Building, Structures & Archaeological Remains: An Inventory - if you are concerned with the historic fabric
  • Statement of Community Involvement - if you want to know how the consultations have occurred
  • Drawings of junctions and bridges - to see specifics of how these will be handled
  • Hayle Marina Study - to understand the viability of a marina
  • Retail Impact Assessment - to get details on the impact of the development on existing businesses in Foundry and Copperhouse
  • Environmental Statement: Volume I for a detailed Traffic and Access plan

For technical detail:

  • Environmental Statement - all four volumes for the maximum detail

For listed building issues:

  • Read the Listed Building Application (click here)
The official announcement on 15 May 2008 in the Cornishman

The complete set of original documents are included below:

Outline Planning Application-Contents

080429_DiscContents_Outline Planning Application (28k)

Executive Summary of the application, 12pp

2478_080424_Summary Document (10.2M)

Planning Statement - Analysis of the planning context for the development in relation to national, regional, county and local planning policies, 36pp

2478_080424_PlanningStatement_v5.1 (1.95M)

Outline Planning Application - PDC Form.  Gives details of floor areas, jobs created, etc., 9pp

Planning apps 080423 (4.2M)

Sustainability Statement - looks at the sustainability of the development using government guidelines, 34pp

2478_080424_SustainabilityStatement_v4.2 (1.97M)

Design and Access Statement - Largely pictorial representation of context and design, 56pp

2478_designandaccess_rev-april-08 (77M)

Development Framework & Design Codes - Much more detailed version of the Design and Access Statement complete with design codes that will be applied in the Detailed Planning Application phase, 138pp

2478_dev_framework_&_design_codes_rev5_080424 (213M - yes really)

Statement of Community Involvement - Details the community participation solicited in arriving at the plan, 110pp

2478_Statement of CommunityInvolvement_Final_080424 (7M)

Building, Structures & Archaeological Remains: An Inventory. A detailed and well-illustrated list of the archaeological structures affected by the development,155pp

080424_BuildingsStructuresArchaeologicalRemainsInventory (6.4M)



Outline Planning Application - Contents

080429_DiscContents_Outline Planning Application (28k)

Outline Planning Application - Boundary

2478_OPA_RedLineBoundary_RevD (1.5M)

Line drawing of Churchtown Road Junction

00-TSK001_ProposedJunctionChurchtownRoad (120k)

Line Drawing of North Quay Access with New Bridge

00-TSK002_ProposedJunctionNorthQuayAccess (133k)

Line Drawing of Carnsew Road Junction

00-TSK003_ProposedJunctionCarnsewRoad (133k)

Line Drawing of Modifications to Carnsew Rise Roundabout

00-TSK004_ProposedJunctionLoggansMoorRoundabout (121k)

Illustrative Masterplan, Scale 1:1250

2478_masterplan@1250 (25.5M)

Illustrative Masterplan, Scale 1:2500

2478_masterplan@2500 (19.2M)

North Quay Road Bridge

NorthQuayRoadBridge_022961-CSK201-1 (148k)

Penpol Barrier Swing Bridge

NorthQuayRoadBridge_022961-CSK202-1 (95k)

Supporting Documents:

Hayle Marina Study - Richard Gerald Associates Ltd., 51pp

RGA - PROJ 564 010 Hayle Marina Study Final (Initial Layout) (186k)

Hayle Marina Study, Supplementary Research - Richard Gerald Associates Ltd., 31pp

PROJ 768 Hayle Marina Study Final_Supplementary Research (98k)

Agricultural Holdings Certificate

080424_Agricultural Holdings Certificate (26k)

Retail Impact Assessment - Roger Tyms & Partners

Retail Impact Assessment 071122 RTP Hayle RIA Final with Appendices (1.4M)


Environmental Statement:

Non-technical Summary (1.4M)


Volume 1: Main Report (26M) (Full document)

Individual sections:

00 Harbour Envionmental Statement preamble (1.6Mb)

01 Introduction (85kb)

02 Site Description (833kb)

03 Scheme Description (1.5Mb)

04 Planning Policy Context (177kb)

05 Analysis of Alternatives (96kb)

06 Noise and Vibration (464kb)

07 Landscape and Visual (2.2Mb)

08 Transport and Access (168kb)

09 Waste (2.5Mb)

10 Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (3.75Mb)

11 Air Quality (1.5Mb)

12 Ecology (9.9Mb)

13 Water Resources (1.2Mb)

14 Ground Conditions (190kb)

15 Socio-Economics (253kb)

16 Energy (522kb)

17 Construction Environmental Management Plan (140kb)

18 Conclusions (78kb)

Volume 2: Annexes 1-12 (27M) (Full document)

Individual sections:

Technical Annex 1A Scoping Responses (366kb)

Technical Annex 6 Noise (363kb)

Technical Annex 7 Landscape and Visual Index (33kb)

Technical Annex 7A - Planning Policy Contex (333kb)

Technical Annex 7B Landscape Character Areas (319kb)

Technical Annex 7C Townscape Character Areas (364kb)

Technical Annex 7D Topographic Context (408kb)

Technical Annex 7E Zone of Visual Influence (452kb)

Technical Annex 7F Penwith Local Plan 2004 Context (35kb)

Technical Annex 7G Key Visual Receptors (27kb)

Technical Annex 7H Planning Policy Context (286kb)

Technical Annex 8A Transport Assessment (455kb)

Technical Annex 8A Transport Assessment-Figures (7Mb)

Technical Annex 8-Appendix A Masterplan and Schedule of Areas (2Mb)

Technical Annex 8-Appendix B Traffic Data April 2005 (142kb)

Technical Annex 8-Appendix C Traffic Data August 2006 (33kb)

Technical Annex 8-Appendix D Proposed Access Junction (South Quay) (356kb)

Technical Annex 8-Appendix E Proposed Access Junction (North Quay) (296kb)

Technical Annex 8-Appendix F Proposed Access Junction (Churchtown Road)(265kb)

Technical Annex 8-Appendix G TRICS2007 Trip Rate Data (103kb)

Technical Annex 8-Appendix H Junction Modelling -South Quay Access (349kb)

Technical Annex 8-Appendix J Junction Modelling - North Quay Access (906kb)

Technical Annex 8-Appendix K Foundry Square New Layout (329kb)

Technical Annex 8-Appendix L Junction Modelling - Foundry Square (446kb)

Technical Annex 8-Appendix M Junction Modelling - Lethlean Lane (402kb)

Technical Annex 8-Appendix N Junction Modelling - Churchtown Road Access (86kb)

Technical Annex 10 - Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (2.7Mb)

Technical Annex 11A - Air Quality-DMRB Input Variables (414kb)

Technical Annex 11C Construction Monitoring Protocol (186kb)

Technical Annex 12 - Ecology (35kb)

Technical Annex 12A Bryophyte Survey at Triangular Spit, (501kb)

Technical Annex 12B Bat Survey North Quay, Hayle (31kb)

Technical Annex 12C Bat and Barn Owl Survey of Quayside Bldgs (159kb)

Technical Annex 12D Survey and Assessment of Bat Use North Quay (1.2Mb)

Technical Annex 12E Map of National Vegetation Classification (396kb)

Technical Annex 12F (part 1) Ecological Surveys Carnsew-Penpol (3.5Mb)

Technical Annex 12G Ecological Survey of Proposed Sand-Trap (1.1Mb)

Technical Annex 12H Hayle Harbour Aquatic Avifaunal Status (144kb)

Technical Annex 12I Aquatic Ecology of The Hayle Complex (214kb)

Technical Annex 12J Fishery Interest in the Vicinity of Hayle Harbour (59kb)

Technical Annex 12K Water Fowl Response to Disturbance Stimuli from Const (54kb)

Technical Annex 12L Seasonal Sensitivity Matrix for Ecological Receptors (29kb)

Technical Annex 12M Rabbit Survey of the Triangular Spit (889kb)

Technical Annex 12N Ornithological Mitigation Measures (40kb)

Volume 3:Annex 13 (77M) (Full document)

Individual sections:

Technical Annex 13 - Index (172kb)

Technical Annex 13A (Part A) Harbour Wall Condition Survey Plan (1.2Mb)

Technical Annex 13B Sediment Exchange Monitoring Report (12.8Mb)

Technical Annex 13C Harbour Wall Schedule of Works Report (4.2Mb)

Technical Annex 13D Report on the Copperhouse Sluice Gate (2.2Mb)

Technical Annex 13E Pool Level Factual Information (1.8Mb)

Technical Annex 13F Hydraulic Studies Phase 2 HR Wallingford (13.5Mb)

Technical Annex 13G Harbour Works Description (6.2Mb)

Technical Annex 13H Flood Risk Assessment (22Mb)

Volume 4 Annexes 14-16 (35M) (Full document)

Individual sections:

Technical Annexe 14-16 Index (173kb)

Technical Annexe 14 - Master Planning Vol 1 Contamination Report 1-9 (543kb)

Technical Annexe 14A Site and Aerial photographs (6.3Mb)

Technical Annexe 14B Envirocheck Report (8.9Mb)

Technical Annexe 14C Additional Information (2Mb)

Technical Annexe 14D Environment Agency Correspondence (106kb)

Technical Annexe 14E Schedules for contamination testing (255kb)

Technical Annexe 14F CLEA Output for Benzo(a)pyrene (322kb)

Technical Annexe 14G SNIFFER Output for Naphthalene (104kb)

Technical Annexe 14H RISC Output for Benzene and Xylene (154kb)

Technical Annexe 14I Tabulated Soil Results (124kb)

Technical Annexe 14J Tabulated Leachate Results (48kb)

Technical Annexe 14K Tabulated Water Results (51kb)

Technical Annexe 14L Tabulated Gas Monitoring Results (45kb)

Technical Annexe 14M Miscellaneous Results (45kb)

Technical Annexe 14N Further Testing Results for Cockle Bank (56kb)

Technical Annexe 14O BRE Cover Thickness Output (2.3Mb)

Technical Annexe 14P Preliminary Waste Acceptance Criteria (74kb)

Technical Annexe 14Q Additional Residential Area Desk Study (1.4Mb)

Technical Annexe 15 - Socio-Economic (157kb)

Technical Annexe 16 - Energy (289kb)

Plans and Drawings

Copperhouse Pool Bridge Elevation (740k)

Copperhouse Pool Bridge Plan (280k)


Image received 1 May 2008 from LDA showing a conceptual design of the harbour.

Click on the image for the hi-res version (5.5Mb)



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