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Scaffolding started to go up around Loggans Mill on Monday 20th March 20

06.  The mill was owned by Penwith District Council, now Cornwall Council, and the scaffolding is designed to support the existing structure and will help to preserve what is a landmark listed building at the gateway of Hayle.  As a reminder that we need to keep pursuing ways to save the building, the following is a count of the number of days since the scaffolding went up.

Hayle Loggans Mill

26/07/2018. Planning application PA18/05586 has been submitted for:

"The refurbishment and conversion of Loggans Mill building into 16 apartments, including internal and external alterations with associated parking."

Outline planning consent for PA14/02920 at Hayle Rugby Club by Walker Developments was granted on 19 November 2015. It was stated that this project would be moving ahead quickly. It is important that it does so that the Loggans Moor roundabout can be upgraded and projects that already have consent can move forward. The counter below shows the number of days since award of planning consent.

As of August 2019, the outline consent has expired.


On the 25th of July 2019, PA18/04577 for development on North Quay was approved. The application is for 143 residential units, 2,014sqm of retail (Class A1-A5), Community (Class D1) and leisure (Class D2) floorspace, 595sqm of business (Class B1) floorspace and 343sqm of floorspace for industrial and fish storage (Class B2 and B8), including access, parking and public open space. We await the completion of the development.




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